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West Broward’s marching band wins 4A state championship

REACHING THE TOP: The West Broward Performance Ensemble comes together one last time with “Reflections of Alice” at the FMBC State Marching Band Championship. Their production earned them first place overall. This was their third win in the state championship in 14 years. Photo by KVoorhees Photography. By Sarah McPike and Mia Villegas  After going to […]

Drama program gets off to a wicked start with “12 Angry Villains”

HUFFIN’ & PUFFIN’: Cinderella’s evil stepmother, played by junior Salma Yearwood, expresses her opinion on why Peter Pan is guilty as the Big Bad Wolf, played by junior Victoria Wolf, prepares to attack her. Cinderella’s stepmother plays a vital role as the antagonist for the verdict of Peter Pan throughout the play. Photo by Sonaiya Brown […]

The drama program “rocks on” during this year’s winter production

ROCK IT OUT: Freshman Isabella Rodriguez dances with the rest of the cast to Journey’s “Can’t Stop Believing”. Musical Theatre I’s production of “Rock of Ages” was performed Jan. 13 and 14. Photo by Sarah Perez by Sarah Perez    The ending chord of an electric guitar rings through the auditorium, surrounded by the 80’s rock […]

“Shang Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings” shakes up controversy 

By Valentina Padula    “Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings” shook up the film industry with its arrival into the Marvel stage, covering both cultural and controversial grounds within the highly anticipated movie. The movie presents a realistic view of Mandarin traditions and culture, something uncharacteristic within Hollywood films.     The film was officially announced on Jul. […]

Senior Bobcats pack a surprise for first day back to school

   By Izabella Perez A KID AGAIN: Seniors Jessica Perez and Jacquelynn Arias pose with their Frozen 2 and Pokémon childrens backpacks. The senior class of 2022 wore kids’ backpacks for their first day back to school, following a popular trend that originated on TikTok. (Photo by Sarah Perez) The first day back to school in […]

Drama Club makes a comeback with Into the Woods Jr. and Fame Jr.

By Makahla Charles and Paris Belus    The auditorium is aglow with actors joyfully dancing along the stage with their eye-capturing twirls and spins as they sing their hearts out. As the performance unfolds, the audience is captured in a mesmerizing trance. For a year, this show of enthusiasm and high spirits has been put on […]

Soul: A movie that we all needed

by Tadhg Holder For over 20 years, Pixar has been known for its incredible animation, as well as the many creative concepts that came out of it, such as Toy Story, Up, Monsters Inc. and more recently, Inside Out, which explores human emotions. So naturally, they would eventually cover the existential concept of the afterlife. […]

Drama Club working to produce two virtual plays in the spring

by Paris Belus     The West Broward Drama Club has been a constant source of entertainment over the years. Students along with their friends and families have been purchasing tickets and enjoying their shows since 2008. However, with school being shut down this year, the club will be taking a virtual approach with upcoming events […]

Xbox and PlayStation create excitement in the gaming industry

by Davian Polanco     On Tuesday, November 10, and Thursday, November 12, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 were released as new versions of the previous in their generations. This release was a huge deal in the gaming industry and was making people go crazy trying to secure themselves a brand-new console. Both consoles have […]

Celebrities inspire hope in spite of the global pandemic

by Gillian Stewart and Nathania Mullings Since the beginning of January, the world has faced an epidemic that is affecting each nation one by one. Many have become victims of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread across the globe rapidly. Although this life-threatening disease has made individuals extremely frightened and concerned, people have made […]

It’s a Wonderful Life debuts as the first production of the school year

by Sarah Perez Festive lights dazzle the auditorium. Christmas trees disseminate from the lobby to the stage. The sound of cheerful Christmas carols are heard soaring across the stage as the cast of West Broward’s drama program performs the first of the school year’ productions, It’s a Wonderful Life.  It’s a Wonderful Life takes place […]

Frozen 2 sends chills up viewers’ spines

by Izabella Perez The 2013 animated musical Frozen made a tremendous impact on viewers. The hit songs became instantly recognizable and stayed stuck in people’s heads for months as party stores stocked up on Anna and Elsa costumes. The sequel, appropriately dubbed Frozen 2, hit theaters Nov. 22 and immediately had tickets sold out for […]

Theater Students Assemble Upcoming Production of It’s A Wonderful Life

by Andrea Palmieri Winter at West Broward is never complete without a production from the Drama department. This year the talented students of Musical Theater and Drama Club are bringing in the holiday spirit with the Christmas classic, It’s A Wonderful Life.     The Drama Club and musical theater class ended the 2018-2019 school year with […]

Alice in Wonderland

by Fiona Carroll Alice in Wonderland has been a childhood favorite since the 1860s when Lewis Carroll originally published the novel, which later came back into favor with the movie adaption in the early 1950s. The colorful scenes, well-written characters, and catchy songs are all part of the allure that is the dream world known […]

You Can’t Beat the House

by Jada Ingleton After a series of annual plays showcasing, among other themes, the 1920s musical era, West Broward’s Drama Production has taken a new approach in this year’s fall showcase by testing its luck with a new genre; with much excitement and effort put into it, Drama lovers and supporters got a taste of […]