Wingett and Zorn-Milmed honored by faculty and staff

by Nathania Mullings and Izabella Perez

DILIGENTLY WORKING: Office secretary Ann Wingett diligently works to complete her clerical duties at West Broward. For the second time, Wingett was the recipient for the Non-Instructional Staff of the Year, once in the past and again in 2019-2020. Photo by Nathania Mullings

Walking through the gates of the school, students expect to be met with boring lectures and tons of homework shoved down their backpacks. However, some staff members are breaking the stigma kids have towards coming to school by being met with a warm smile and open arms. Not only do teachers leave a lasting impact on their students, but so do the staff. 

At the start of each school year, the staff at West Broward nominate and vote on an employee for Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff of the Year. For 2019-2020, Biology teacher Sarah Zorn-Milmed won Instructional Staff of the Year and office secretary Ann Wingett won Non-Instructional Staff of the Year. This achievement is just a way to commemorate staff that have shown exceptional qualities at West Broward. 

    “Zorn works so hard, there’s a lot of things she does behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t know about,” said Chemistry teacher Michelle Wilson. “She does a lot for the clubs, and to balance that out with her classes is amazing.”

Zorn started working at West Broward in 2012. Since then, she has done a lot for the school like being the sponsor for many clubs and activities — one of them being National Honor Society (NHS). Even with this workload, she still manages to teach students in Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Biology all while being an essential part of school involvement.

“She’s very friendly and engaging, smiling at everyone she passes by,” said Science director Richard Gonzalez. “She’s extremely efficient and dedicated to her job and duties.”

Her students also have a strong liking towards her, complimenting her teaching style and energy during lessons. For her classes, she utilizes self-made powerpoints and projects to prepare students for their final exams all while making class engaging for them.

    “There’s a lot of work to do for the AP Biology exam, but Zorn is very confident in us and she prepares us well,” said sophomore Olivia Pinilla. “She’s great to go to in regards to any homework or questions we have.” 

    After seeing how many hours and how much effort she puts into her work and activities, it is clear that she is deserving of the award. Leading NHS and balancing multiple AP classes proves her dedication to the school and her students. 

“She’s energetic in class,” said freshman Taylor Pierson. “You can tell it’s something she really enjoys doing. She’s a great teacher and it’s clear that she cares about her students.”

IN THE CLASSROOM: Sophia Manzor listens attentively as Biology teacher Sarah Zorn-Milmed enthusiastically teaches her class about the workings of endocytosis and exocytosis. This optimism helped her become the recipient for the Instructional Staff of the Year award in her seventh year teaching. Photo by Izabella Perez

Along with Zorn, Wingett was also credited with the award for non-instructional staff of the year. 

“Her dedication, willingness to help others and consistency has contributed to her winning Non-Instructional Staff of the Year,” said assistant principal Richard Gonzalez. “Her giving a hundred and ten percent daily has made her a great addition to West Broward.”

Wingett has been a loyal and dependable staff member of West Broward which is visibly shown. She has been an excellent role model of how to be an addition to the West Broward body.

“She has helped me in many ways especially since I’m a newcomer,” said Virginia Scavino. “She has shown me what to do with attendance, how to answer students’ questions and showing me the workaround for the job itself.” 

Ann Wingett’s job in the front office may not seem like a lot at first glance, but students would never know that the friendly face they go to ask questions about their attendance has multiple responsibilities such as filing, answering student and parent questions, and sorting attendance.

“I’m considered the secretary, but while I’m here in the front office the main thing I do is attendance. I do subs for the teachers, answer phones and volunteer clearances as well,” said office secretary Ann Wingett.

Gonzalez has known Wingett for over five years and has seen her first hand performing her secretarial tasks day in and day out. 

“I’ve known Ms. Wingett for over five years she was also my secretary for activities when I was overseeing the twelfth grade,” Gonzalez said. “Her insight and task orientation makes her well deserving of this award.”

The winner of the Non-Instructional Staff of the Year has indefinitely left a mark on not only the staff she deals with, but with teachers and her colleagues too. With all the work she puts into the office colleagues, students, and parents can all see her diligence shine through.

“Ms. Wingett is a fantastic and dedicated person to this school,” said office manager Cynthia Fankhauser. “She has been working here for a long time and she knows how to deal with the customers and parents.”

Wingett perseveres through difficulties especially in the office, with complications that may arise from day to day.  

“I would describe Ms.Wingett as loyal, hard-working, and honest,” said Janet Zapata. “Ever since she came here, she has been very loyal to this school and the other women in the office, and has displayed this trait throughout the time I’ve known her.”

The loyal, kind and hard-working Wingett is very grateful to be a recipient of the award, that she has won for the second time, and thankful for this golden opportunity. Wingett has been the epitome of an exceptional constituent of West Broward and will continue to be moving forward. 

“This is my 9th year at West Broward and I am very happy here,”  Wingett said. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” 

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