West Broward selects two Bobcats for girl’s soccer All-Stars

By Madison Peller, Kristin Mclean, and Brandon Torres

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: Kayla Master, a senior forward for West Broward, starts her junior season off with dribbling the ball up the field. Kayla’s hard work and perseverance not only made her a great player, but also allowed her to make the Girls Soccer All-Star Team. (Photo by Michael Patton)

In any sport, the combination of high scoring offense and stifling defense creates a force that make any team difficult to beat. This year, forward, Kayla Masters and, goalkeeper, Sydney Bellamy led the Bobcat girls soccer team to a winning season and were both honored as they were named to the Miami Herald All County All Star Team.

Masters and Bellamy both became captains their junior year and continued to stay captains throughout their senior season. In their last season, they led their team to greatness and a 7-3-2 record. Whether it was tending to the goal, or kicking the ball on the field, these girls never held back and always showed their all on the field.

“They are both coachable and that is important because they listen, they follow directions, they attend practice, and they’re open to new and different ideas.” said girls soccer coach Fred Wilde.

In the 2020-21 season, goalie, Bellamy proved to be a main force during the Bobcats winning season with 7 shut outs in 12 games. She always showed up to the practices and games ready to work hard and to defeat her competition. One of the big accomplishments Bellamy made this year was shutting out the 13th ranked team in the state, Dr Krop, and had quite a few other shutouts. Bellamy will continue to show her strengths while playing at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is a division one soccer program.

“I feel pretty happy about making the All-Star team, but I still know there is more for me to learn and grow to become a better player in college,” Bellamy said.

While Bellamy made it very difficult to score against the Bobcats, Masters would dominate the competition with her offensive explosiveness that would lead her to a top three scorer in the county. Kayla ended her senior year with an outstanding thirteen goals and one assist. Masters scored in the Semi-Finals, District-Finals, Regional Quarter Final, and she scored in the All-Star game.

“I think scoring in every game I played in and finishing with 13 goals and 1 assist helped me get chosen for the All-Star team.” Masters said. “Being one of the team captains and always wanting the best for my team was my main priority.”

ON THE FIELD: Sydney Bellamy (right), a senior for West Broward High, starts her season off defending the goal. Sydney’s hard work not only made her a force to be reckoned with on the field, but made it possible for her to make the Girls Soccer All-Star Team. (Photo by: Dario Bellamy)

Throughout the girl’s last high school season this year, Coach Wilde has been there to push and support them every step of the way and watch them hit huge milestones. Coach Wilde describes them both as very coachable and hard working players. With their season ending, they will be missed on their team, as well as on the playing field.

“If the other team did not know their names before the game, they definitely knew it after the game,” said Coach Wilde.

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