West Broward introduces new teachers

by Jada Ingleton

INTRO TO YEARBOOK: Yearbook teacher David Fleischer gives an introduction to his new students on the plan and layout for this year’s yearbook, set to be finished in early or mid spring. Fleischer also taught Yearbook at his former institution before attending West Broward. Photo by Jada Ingleton

Every year, West Broward is introduced to a number of new programs, clubs, and more to invite change and excitement to its bustling hallways. This fall, while bringing forth new electives and classes, the campus was also introduced to a few new educators that have taken over in a variety of subjects and provided a warm welcome at West Broward. Many of these teachers come with anticipation for what they have to offer for this next school year. 

Prior to joining the Bobcat family, English and journalism teacher David Fleischer taught at Everglades High School. While attending University of Rochester, he earned several degrees including a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism, Film and Media studies.

    “This might sound dark but, I hope to gain (by being at West Broward) a love of teaching again. I hope to be re-inspired by my students. The last students I had in my previous institution weren’t necessarily engaged in their studies or in academics,” Fleischer said. “I’m hoping here at West Broward I have students that are more interested in the subjects I teach, the world in general, and just becoming a better citizen.”

Much like any new student entering a 2,600 minimum student campus, new teachers may also have their fair share of worry and doubt when approaching a brand new job and position at such a large facility. However, more than any concern, these new teachers come with goals for themselves and their classrooms to accomplish.

Engineer teacher Michael Large- who graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in environmental science, holds his own aspirations for  bettering his students. Large wishes to instill a powerful influence in his classroom environment as he takes over such a widely known and shaped program on campus.

“Using my experience, skills, and unparalleled God-given creativity, I hope to inspire young minds to realize their full creative potential, and help them accomplish their own life purpose,” Large said. “I hope to build a World-Class Engineering Program at West Broward, innovating and competing in the areas of Robotics, Aerospace, Marine, and Solar Power.”

    Outside of the vision for inspiration and growth, these teachers also have a taste for improvement in the areas they teach, and wanting to take the work they do and have come here to continue, to the next top level.

    “I would like to say at the end of the year, I want the students to show they’ve progressed, for the students to be able to tell me that they learned a lot. In Journalism, I hope I’ve ignited a passion about truth and the importance of the first amendment. In Yearbook, I hope to produce a product that everyone can be proud of.” Fleischer said. 

    Earning a degree from Florida International University, ESE specialized instructor Karla Lama transferred to West Broward after moving from a further location. With excitement and anticipation prepared for what the school year has to offer, Lama shows enthusiasm for her new position and teaching experience.

While it is safe to say that transitions and changes are almost guaranteed to come with struggle and patience, these new teachers, and with the help of their new roster of students, are on a path to make it as smooth and successful as possible. Whether that be forming a new crew to terraform Mars in engineering or producing a yearbook that will go on to win state-wide awards next spring, the new teachers are determined to not only introduce themselves to the Bobcat campus, but also introduce a legacy to remember. 

    “High school can be a dark, rough time and having teachers who not only care about what you do, but also help you do your best makes the experience a little bit easier,” said senior Brenda Prophete. “It’s good to have teachers who really seem to believe in that.” 

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