Seniors Recognized as Boys Basketball All-Star Players for Broward

by Nicolas Gallon and Armani Brutus

This year, seniors from across all Broward County were selected by their coaches to be part of the All-Star Team. Out of the three seniors in the West Broward Boys Basketball team, senior point guard Earl Mayes and senior small forward Alton Griggs were selected by Coach Michael Bentivegna to be part of the BCAA Boys All-Star Basketball team this year.

  Bentivegna was tasked with the responsibility to select two out of the three seniors on the team to be part of the All Star team. After reviewing the seniors’ statistics and game film, Bentivegna highlighted Grigg’s offensive explosiveness and Mayes’s skills as a leader as his reason to honor them as part of the All-Star team.

“As the coach, I have to submit the names of the selected players after reviewing their averages and films from the games. The choice is also based on the number of seniors I have to choose from, this year we had three seniors to choose from.” 

LAY-UP KING: Senior Earl Mayes going for a layup against Flanagan High School on Jan. 27. West Broward’s Boys basketball team won the game that day with a score of 61-58. Photo courtesy of the Edge Yearbook

Playing basketball since his freshman year, Earl Mayes contributed to the team as a leader, bringing his team to several victories. As the starting point guard of his team, Mayes averaged 12 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and four steals a game. To him, joining the all-star team is a dream come true as not only can he prove and solidify himself as one of the best in the district, but it can also help him continue his basketball career 

“I feel like joining the leadership position helped my team out in making it better and that was the best thing I could do and it was the best thing I could bring to the team”, Earl said.

SHOOTING STAR: Senior Alton Griggs shoots a floater shot against Flanagan High School on Jan. 27. West Broward’s Boys basketball team won the game that day with a score of 61-58. Photo courtesy of the Edge Yearbook

Joining Mayes on the county all star team due to his great offensive skills on the court, transfer Alton Griggs came to play basketball for West Broward High School. As an All Star, Griggs averaged 10 points, one assist, and two and one-half  rebounds per game. Acting as one of the leaders of the team serves as a meaningful accomplishment to him. He hopes to continue his bright future with potential college choices being FMU and Warner.

“It means a lot. It’s a big accomplishment in my high school career to look back at especially while moving on to the next level,” Griggs said. 

As these young talents continue on with their bright careers, other talents will come about as well. Even with the difficulties that this year has provided for not only West Broward, but the whole district, Griggs and Mayes were able to shine through all of it and make a good memory for themselves to look back to.

“They played well, they were able to have good stats in terms of their points,their rebounding, and all of that adds up. You have to have players with good individual skills and good individual stats, to make a winning team, so you have to have people that can ‘form’,”  Bentivegna said.

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