The opportunity to exempt exams benefits students and teachers alike

By: Mariana DeJesus As each semester comes to an end, the presence of a midterm or final exam raises the attention of both students and teachers. Right before a well-deserved break and after two quarters filled with assignments and grades, students get to look forward to having to sit through a round of exams. However, […]

New mandatory camera rule leads to disagreement among students

Pro by Sarah Perez Con by Izabella Perez The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the way students around the world learn. After 1.2 billion students were affected during the pandemic due to schools shutting down, school districts around the world turned to alternative forms of learning, using various programs like Microsoft Teams as an alternative. […]

The COVID-19 Pandemic will ultimately help us grow as a society

by Diego Perdomo    Human society is at a very significant turning point that may define the quality of life for future generations. With over four million confirmed cases and 315 thousand deaths, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the source of widespread calamity, drastically changing and suppressing facets of normal life, like college education, visiting others […]

The Little Mermaid Live Action Brings Great Controversy

by Jada Ingelton After years of following a trend that inspires directors and producers to create live action versions of timeless and previously animated movies and stories, 2019 seemed to be the peak of the remake industry when it brought forth the several releases of  Dumbo, The Lion King, Aladdin and more. In the summer […]

Remembering the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

by Omolola Suleiman When reflecting upon the history of America and what shaped it, one has to consider the many figures who aided in its transformation into the country it is today. A specific time in its history books that strikes across many nerves is the Civil Rights Era where the country was divided to […]

Serena Williams’ unjustifiable outburst

by Omolola Suleiman Millions gather around to witness the long awaited tournament between one of America’s most venerated athletes, Serena Williams and up-and-coming tennis professional, Naomi Osaka in this year’s U.S. open final. However, what was once looked forward to as a fair duel between two talented female prodigies soon turned into a hostile and […]

College admission scandal strips down education system to its corrupt core

by Natalie Maronas Some have worn the guilt on their sleeve, while others still refuse to admit their wrongdoing. The college admission scandal, having been ongoing for almost eight years, has reached its peak in public attention and action through newly-found evidence. As more awareness is brought towards it, many have begun to reflect on […]

Why the press isn’t an American enemy

by Paula Colon The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has continuously protected one of the most cherished American ideals: freedom. We often refer to this right in order to express our various emotions, insights, and opinions, but we nearly disregard the press and their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment protects, “freedom of speech, […]