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Desantis' ban attempt to mask mandates evokes conflicting opinions

MANDATORY MASKS: Senior Sebastion Bravo and Freshman Garret Carr wear their school-mandated masks in the hallway. Since the school year has begun, two counties in Florida have shut down in-person learning for a small amount of time. Photo by Sarah Perez Read More

Safety measures taken on behalf of COVID-19 stir controversy in its level of efficiency

SPRING BREAK-OUT: New York City police sends out 1,000 officers to enforce social distancing at local park, as naysayers gather together to bask in the warm weather in early May. New York City governor Andrew Cuomo then instituted a new policy that you can be fined up to 1,000 dollars if caught violating any social distancing rules and restrictions. Photo courtesy of FOX 29 Read More


The COVID-19 Pandemic will ultimately help us grow as a society

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR: The change of air quality in the New Delhi skyline from Nov. 1, 2019 to April 20, 2020. The World Health Organization once declared India's capital as the most polluted city in May of 2014 as a result of its high population and reliance on diesel. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

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The Little Mermaid Live Action Brings Great Controversy

After years of following a trend that inspires directors and producers to create live action versions of timeless and previously animated movies and stories, 2019 seemed to be the peak of the remake industry when it brought forth the several releases of  Dumbo, The Lion King, Aladdin and more. In the summer of 2019, it was confirmed that a live action film of Disney classic The Little Mermaid would be in the works to start shooting and, of course, with news of production came that of casting.

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College admission scandal strips down education system to its corrupt core

UNDER FIRE: As a horde of eager press corner her on every side, actress Felicity Huffman avoids them as she enters her private ride from a federal courthouse. Being one of the individuals charged with bribery in the admission scandal, she was found guilty of paying $15,000 to give her daughter unlimited time to take her SAT exam. Photo courtesy of The Atlantic  Read More


Remembering the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

When reflecting upon the history of America and what shaped it, one has to consider the many figures who aided in its transformation into the country it is today. A specific time in its history books that strikes across many nerves is the Civil Rights Era where the country was divided to the point where violence and war ensued … Read More

Serena Williams' unjustifiable outburst

Millions gather around to witness the long awaited tournament between one of America’s most venerated athletes, Serena Williams and up-and-coming tennis professional, Naomi Osaka in this year's U.S. open final. However, what was once looked forward to as a fair duel between two talented female prodigies soon turned into a hostile and uncomfortable situation for all as Williams was involved in a fierce dispute with chair umpire, Carlos Ramos... Read More


Why the press isn’t an American enemy

Asserting his right: Jim Acosta questions President Trump on immigrant issues regarding Mexico. Acosta of CNN was stripped of his White House press pass after refusing several times return a microphone to a White House intern following his question; the situation caused controversy over the rights of the press and subsequently a lawsuit.  Doug Mills/The New York Times