COVID on the rise, numbers peak in back-to-school transition

PARABOLAS IN PANDEMICS: Karen Syrocki’s Algebra II class works attentively on a worksheet while sitting in groups with their masks on. Broward County has gone against Governor DeSantis’ optional mask policy and required students to be masked while on campus. Photo by Valentina Padula

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Dr. King’s fight for civil justice continues in the 21st Century

CALL FOR ACTION: West Broward High School Students Sydney Millwood, Spencer Millwood, Kacey Bellamy, and Sydney Bellamy protest outside of the City of Pembroke Pines City Hall on June 3, 2020. The protest was held against the police brutality and oppression sustained by Black Americans, calling for equality and justice in the United States. Photo by the Edge Yearbook staff.

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JROTC’s air rifle marksmanship team dominates the competition

FOCUS AND PRECISION: Captain Andrea Alywin, the 1st place winner, and Company Commander of Delta Company at West Broward, sits in the kneeling position as she makes her shot for the JROTC Air Rifle Regional Competition in Anniston, Alabama Feb. 6th to 8th of 2020. Over the last year, Andrea’s hard work, practice, and determination led her to receive 1st place in this year’s competition and defeat all other competitors. Photo by Kenneth Merkel

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World Guard ends late competitive season on a strong note

CHARMING THE AUDIENCE: The West Broward High Color guard team shows all members in their unique costumes at Palm Beach Gardens on Apr. 24. They just placed second in the performance called “The Snake Charmer” against two other teams and still look flawless in their beautiful costumes.

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Debate competitors reach NSDA national stage

STAGGERING SUCCESS: (from left to right) Junior Angelina Campos and senior Alex Steel pose for a picture just moments after discovering their victory at Manatee District Tournament, their qualifying tournament. Both students will be competing at the NSDA National Tournament this summer, hoping to take home the gold. (Photo by Angelina Campos.)

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Biscayne Bay turns Pretty to Pollution

BISCAYNE BAY BUSY AND POLLUTED: The pollution has caused the algae to turn gray-green. The noticeable change in the color of algae is not only a physical effect but it is also one the reasons the fish have died and washed up on shore. Photo by Anna Wachnicka

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Florida schools reopen following CDC guidelines

PRECAUTIONS FOR COVID-19: Teacher Carisse Langford has her students that chose to go back to school separated in the classroom with masks. Due to COVID-19, all of the classrooms are set up with desks six feet apart with many precautions, such as mandatory mask wearing and social distancing, set in class while learning. Photo by Nicolas Gallon.

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Pandemic Delays 2020 Census Results

WIDESPREAD PROMOTION: In Miramar Regional Park, The 2020 Census Bureau uses a sign to promote more responses. The Census was largely encouraged by the government through emails, advertisements, signs, and the Census Bureau. Photo by Makahla Charles

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Biden and Harris win historic 2020 presidential election

A NEW PRESIDENT: President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris celebrating their joint victory with a speech in Wilmington, Del. On Nov. 7, Biden was confirmed as the winner of the 2020 election with a lead of 306 electoral votes. Photo by Sarah Perez

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West Broward Performance Ensemble presents this year’s show indoors

VIRTUAL SYMPHONY: The 2020 marching show is set in a drive-in movie theater from the 1950s, with an upbeat and jazz-like score. The West Broward Performance Ensemble is continuing to develop and rehearse the show to perform in the gym. Picture by Sarah Perez

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Broward County Schools Implement New Curbside Food Pick Up Program

BRAVE STAFF: Food Service Worker Renita Charles and Acting Manager Renai Statman prepare food and drinks to give out to families as they arrive to West Broward High School. Food is given out to all families who come by and it will continue to be served for 2 - 3 hours every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the school year. Photo by Armani Brutus.

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What lies beneath the mask

REFERRING CONTACTS: Dayana Santos, medical coder team lead, emails colleagues on the correct chronic condition code so she can complete a claim for a health plan. Prior to the pandemic, Santos would ask one of her colleagues face to face for assistance on procedures. Photo by Selina Perez.

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