Frozen 2 sends chills up viewers’ spines

by Izabella Perez

RECORD-BREAKING: Frozen 2 hit theaters Nov. 22 and took the world by storm. The sequel sold out tickets for the weekend release days in advance and broke records with its opening weekend box office sales, making the movie $127 million. Photo by Izabella Perez

The 2013 animated musical Frozen made a tremendous impact on viewers. The hit songs became instantly recognizable and stayed stuck in people’s heads for months as party stores stocked up on Anna and Elsa costumes. The sequel, appropriately dubbed Frozen 2, hit theaters Nov. 22 and immediately had tickets sold out for its opening night several days in advance.

Following the ending of Frozen, the sequel picks up with Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle, with her sister Anna by her side along with Sven, Kristoff and Olaf. Their happy ending takes a turn when Elsa hears a voice calling her from the North. She gives into the pull, only to find the Northuldra indigenous people trapped in an enchanted forest. There, she discovers the origins of her power as well as what happened to her parents. While Frozen went through the journey and growth of Anna, Frozen 2 is all about Elsa. The sudden switch in focus creates a fresh take on the world of Frozen, hooking viewers in once more to tell another unforgettable tale.

Idina Menzel returns again as Elsa with a new set of songs that strike severe emotional chords, such as “Show Yourself” and “Into the Unknown.” With powerful vocals and passionate lyrics, Menzel’s performance is an integral part in conveying the tone and direction of an equally passionate movie. During Elsa’s “Show Yourself” solo, the audience was overcome with emotions as Elsa sang about her past struggles and all the effort she has put into discovering who she is. Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee masterfully carved an emotional movie about the strength of sisterhood, trust, love and the importance of undoing the wrongs of the past, nabbing it $127 million and a record-breaking $350 million worldwide its opening weekend. Along with the touching moments of sisterhood, Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, voices the struggles of moving forward when the future’s unknown yet persevering through the hardships anyway. 

As expected of a Disney franchise, the animation was stunning. They continuously show prowess and mastery of visual storytelling. For example, the beautiful rendering of the autumn season not only encapsulates the viewers, but tells them that a big change is happening and to not expect the same story as the previous installment.

Perhaps the sheer reputation of the first movie wills the second to be just as good, if not better. But negating the first installment and judging Frozen 2 as a stand-alone, it is easy to see just how much care was put into creating such a wonderfully imaginative story. Frozen 2 teaches people of all ages that it is never too late to embark on a journey of self-discovery, and the importance of support alongside that journey. 

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