Custodian Nidia Galiano sweeps Employee of the Year

CUSTODIAN CROWD: The Bobcat custodian staff poses for a picture with Employee of the Year, Nidia Galiano, Principal Brad Fatout, and the WBTV crew. After 14 years at the school, Galiano received the award for her outstanding efforts on campus, maintaining the cleanliness of Building Seven’s second floor. Photo courtesy of Norma Tchir

By: Valentina Padula

A clean sidewalk, sparkling floors and a habitable cafeteria are all things commonly observed on campus. Many students take the clean environment around them for granted and overlook those who work hard to keep it that way: custodians. One such custodian, Nidia Galiano, has been recognized for the 2022 Employee of the Year award for her outstanding work on campus.

Galiano has been a part of the Bobcat community for the past 14 years as a maintenance custodian, and she has been putting in hours of work to make sure students have a hygienic campus to return to every day. Her area on campus is mainly the second floor of Building Seven, where she mops the hallway and classroom floors. Having worked for the school for so long, Galiano was ecstatic to be recognized by teachers and students and to receive the award.

“I was very happy,” Galiano said. “I have been in school a long time, and I have worked very hard.”

Galiano works mainly between the cafeteria and Building Seven, where she focuses on keeping her areas clean. Custodians are rarely seen during school hours, and Galia- no is no different. She starts work at 2:30 p.m. to clean while students have mostly cleared out of the buildings.

“She checks up the area to make sure it is very clean,” Building Operator Supervisor Sandra Ayala said. “She is very professional.”

Galiano’s efforts as a custodian have been happening since the start of her career on campus. While many are recognized as administrators or teachers, Galiano’s award gives recognition to the Bobcat faculty that are not as easily seen for their achievements, yet are just as necessary.

“She was chosen and elected by her peers for her hard work and ethic,” Ayala said.

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