Bobcats take their new place at the throne with Step-Up Day

by Natalie Maronas

ALL FUN AND GAMES: (From left to right) Current sophomores Abbie Calaforra, Zachary Marks and Stephanie Goris balance hula-hoops in a friendly competition to see who can keep them up the longest. As they made the honorary shift from being underclassmen to upperclassmen, these new juniors found joy in celebrating through the games hosted during their lunch. Photo by Natalie Maronas.

Seen as a proud symbol of knowledge and status, seniors have always been seen as an example of what a true Bobcat should be. However, with their time at West Broward coming to a close and graduation inching even closer, our remaining upper and underclassmen have a duty to fill that empty spot. With this, they take the crown that our seniors, as well as other students, have once wore and showcase the power and spirit that a leading student should have.

With the Class of 2019 having spent their finals days in high school, the remaining Bobcats move up in their class title and take the seniors’ place with Step-Up Day hosted by Student Government Association (SGA) on May 24. This very sentiment was carried out with the games and activities hosted during lunch and throughout the day as hundreds of students participated and garnished themselves with their class colors. As new sophomores wore green, juniors were adorned in purple and seniors had pridefully dressed in black, students have found a way to not only demonstrate their status, but also celebrate school spirit all across West Broward. 

“I think Step-Up Day created a sense of unity when students displayed their class color,” said SGA member and current junior Camille Brown. “It was really empowering seeing so many classmates and students being involved. It reminded me that we’re all in this together.”
Advertised through posters and decorations strung across the school, students were motivated to take part in the event through the efforts of SGA. The event centered around students wearing their color in conjugation to the grade level they would be in the school year of 2019-2020 as a way to signify that they are “stepping-up.” This meant that students would follow the tradition of gathering with their classmates and wearing decorated, dyed t-shirts and face paint in the color given to them. Upcoming seniors had an even major role in the event: many wore black shirts with their new status written on the front of them and, most importantly, were topped with crowns that were colored black and finished with gems and jewels that made them hard to ignore. It allowed students to unite with other classmates and celebrate what being a Bobcat really means. 

TWO STEPS RIGHT: (From left to right) Current juniors Brielle Denery, Gillian Stewart, Jasmeen Noel, and Jayla Clay jam out it synchronization to the classic party song, “Cotton-Eyed Joe.” Having proudly wore crowns and black clothing with their newly-earned title of being seniors, they embodied the spirit and passion of the school during Step-Up Day. Photo by Natalie Maronas

“Making the shirts and crowns got us excited of what’s to come,” said current junior Casey Glymph. “Preparing with my friends was very nostalgic as it allowed us to reminisce upon all the Step-Up Days before since we knew we were preparing for our last one. It reminded me of the many memories I’ve had in high school.” 

On the day of the event, students were met with a giant, star-shaped balloon entrance at the front of the school. With joyful clamor and laughter being sung throughout the courtyard, many students walked through the entrance, marking the moment that they moved up in their ranks and became West Broward’s new leaders. During lunch, music and games hosted by SGA were played as Bobcats danced to pop hits, swung hoola-hoops and posed for pictures with friends at a custom-made frame. With many Bobcats ending the day by gathering with classmates in their grade and taking a group picture at the front of the auditorium, it established the profound spirit and dedication that our school can have. 

“The level of participation was exceptional this year,” Brown said. “I enjoyed feeling the school spirit as I walked around the school and saw a good majority of the students dressed out. I think our marketing definitely helped with participation.”

Step-Up Day demonstrated exactly how our Bobcats can exhibit love and school spirit throughout the school. It shows that they are in a fit position to be leaders and examples for our incoming freshmen for next year. With our newly-crowned seniors now sitting at the throne, they have proven that they can easily make up the gap of our graduated seniors as our new kings and queens of West Broward.

“It sparked my excitement for senior year,” Glymph said. “With having many friends who were seniors, I felt more excited for the future since I’ll be in their roles. It made me less nervous and reminded me of the fun experiences that will come in the next year of school.”