Biden and Sanders compete for democratic nomination

by Nathania Mullings

IN THE LEAD: Joe Biden leads the polls, beating Bernie Sanders for the 1,991 delegates needed to win the primary election. Democratic primaries through Mar. 9. gives Biden a comfortable lead. Graphic by Nathania Mulling

Less than three weeks ago there were seven candidates vying to become the democratic nominee for the president of the United States. After Super Tuesday’s shocking results, the race has been narrowed down to Senator Bernie Sanders and former vice president Joe Biden. March 10th will be when Michigan, Idaho, Missouri being one of the many states gearing up to hold their primaries.

As of late, the results from Super Tuesday are being released and senator sanders and former vice president are neck and neck. Because the race narrowed tremendously, many are starting to question who will be facing President Trump in the general election. More than a thousand delegates are up for grabs which may vastly boost either one of these candidates to reaching the 1,991 delegates needed for the party nomination. 

“Sanders has won two of the three primary contests in Nevada and New Hampshire but lost in South Carolina,” said sophomore Romaisa Siddiqui. “I think that Sanders will continue winning in the Midwest states because those consist mainly of lower-income peoples and that’s what his campaign is geared towards.”

There have been many candidates positively affecting citizens. Biden has been quickly rising his ranks as he beats his affiliates in the recent debates. The most recent debate in South Carolina between Biden, Sanders, Tom Steyer, Micheal Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg resulted in Biden being victorious. The debate was vital for the candidates and voters because it preceded Super Tuesday. Eventually, Buttigieg, Bloomberg and Steyer dropped out of the race due to not meeting the required margins according to The Daily Beast. These former candidates, including Micheal O’Rourke, then immediately sponsored Biden, boosting him in the polls and possibly explaining why he has also won over many states such as Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia and Arkansas.