by Izabella Perez and Sarah Perez             CONGRATULATIONS. YOU’VE REACHED THE TOP OF THE TOWER. CLAIM YOUR PRIZE.             Yvette breathed a sigh of relief as the game’s automated voice ringed in the air atop the boss tower, a gold chest materializing at the center of the final floor ofContinue Reading

by Christiana Chetram and Nikita Chen Throughout her 36 years of teaching, English teacher Patricia Hughes-Rodrigues continues to make an impact on countless students. Her compassion, outgoing personality and dedication to her job contribute to her reputation as an exceptional educator. The strong connections and relationships that Hughes makes withContinue Reading

by Paris Belus Fashion is, at its core, a source of expression and individuality for people around the world, but it also has its flaws. As of late, society is starting to see a rise in sustainable fashion in the clothing industry because of the dangers fast fashion can bring,Continue Reading