by Fiona Carroll Alice in Wonderland has been a childhood favorite since the 1860s when Lewis Carroll originally published the novel, which later came back into favor with the movie adaption in the early 1950s. The colorful scenes, well-written characters, and catchy songs are all part of the allure thatContinue Reading

by Jada Ingleton After a series of annual plays showcasing, among other themes, the 1920s musical era, West Broward’s Drama Production has taken a new approach in this year’s fall showcase by testing its luck with a new genre; with much excitement and effort put into it, Drama lovers andContinue Reading

by Juliana Giraldo In 2011, the UNESCO established World Science Day on Nov. 10 to highlight the importance of systematic knowledge and the need of engagement for emerging issues. To further engage young individuals in celebrating the worldwide day, adults organize educational, yet entertaining, events in public areas. National ScienceContinue Reading

by Omolola Suleiman Millions gather around to witness the long awaited tournament between one of America’s most venerated athletes, Serena Williams and up-and-coming tennis professional, Naomi Osaka in this year’s U.S. open final. However, what was once looked forward to as a fair duel between two talented female prodigies soonContinue Reading

by Paula Colon The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has continuously protected one of the most cherished American ideals: freedom. We often refer to this right in order to express our various emotions, insights, and opinions, but we nearly disregard the press and their First Amendment rights. The FirstContinue Reading