by Fiona Carroll Alice in Wonderland has been a childhood favorite since the 1860s when Lewis Carroll originally published the novel, which later came back into favor with the movie adaption in the early 1950s. The colorful scenes, well-written characters, and catchy songs are all part of the allure thatContinue Reading

by Juliana Giraldo In 2011, the UNESCO established World Science Day on Nov. 10 to highlight the importance of systematic knowledge and the need of engagement for emerging issues. To further engage young individuals in celebrating the worldwide day, adults organize educational, yet entertaining, events in public areas. National ScienceContinue Reading

by Natalie Maronas Some have worn the guilt on their sleeve, while others still refuse to admit their wrongdoing. The college admission scandal, having been ongoing for almost eight years, has reached its peak in public attention and action through newly-found evidence. As more awareness is brought towards it, manyContinue Reading